He is not just a pastor to me.

So true.. Pst How and Pst Lia are more than my pastors; they are my spiritual parents!



Such a happy day, today is Pastor How’s birthday! 🙂

As I scrolled through instagram, my whole feed were of all of my friends wishing Pastor How happy birthday. When I read each post, of how he loved, believed, respected and changed the lives of each and every one of them, I almost teared. It was so true, that Pst How is not just a pastor, but he is like a spiritual father to all of us.

Pst How and Pst Lia started Heart of God church so many years back with a heart for people.. And many years later, Pst How is still replying as many instagram posts as he can at 2am on the night of his birthday. Many years later, Pst How will take time out to meet the young people, know more about them and believe in them. Many years later, Pst How will want to take the time…

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He is not just a pastor to me.

No regrets

Just one thought today… Really, really, really love what I do.

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Can do this all day err day.. Can’t wait to grow up and grow old with them. Future gonna be AMAZING :):)

No regrets


Wrote this long long time ago for a trench buddy…  Chance upon it today. It’s still true. (Edited it a little)

Never once did You leave us alone.
Never once did You leave us in our hardest struggle.
Never once did You turn Your face away from us.

When we were in the darkest night and wondered if our eyes would ever see the light, You were there.
When we were in the stormy gale and wondered if we’d ever live in peace again, You were there.

You were there in the struggle.
You were there in the fight.
You were there all the time.

Scars and struggles on the way.
But with You, we will always come out as victors and conquerers.
We will kneel on our battleground and look back in our lives.
We will see God’s hand in our struggles.
We will celebrate the victories.
I have no doubts about this.

You are always closer than we know.
Always more involved and in control.
We will trust our lives to You – The One who was and is and is to come.
The faithful and just One.
The One called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

With joy in our heart, we can say “Though this may seem to be my hardest struggle, You are here. You are in control”
Best part is… We can do this with a team.
We can run this race with a ragtag team.
Together at the finishing line we’ll say that we have fought the good fight, we have finished the race, we have kept the faith.



Was just listening to this song “Yahweh” just now… Really love this song and the lyrics..

You’re YAHWEH.
You’re LORD.
You’re FIRST.


Hear the sound of faith
When we arise to pray
We believe
Our God is with us

Feel the Spirit move
When saints arise to praise
We believe
Our God is in us

We hold on
To Your promises
Your faithfulness is true

We will stand
On Your Word that’s strong
Salvation will breakthrough

Yahweh, Yahweh
You’re the strength of our lives
Whom shall we fear
Yahweh, Yahweh
The battle is Yours
The war has been won

No weapon shall prevail
No tongue can rise against
We believe
You’re standing with us

You have the final word
Truth and grace be heard
We believe
You’re fighting for us

We trust in Jesus’ name
Nothing can stand against
We trust in Jesus’ name
We have the victory


This is who we are

Man.. no regrets living a life for God. If a grain of wheat dies, it produces much grain…


Just sat in a meeting today.. And felt so stirred.

Felt the need..

Fight.. Radicalism.. Stand..

John 12:24
Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.

This is who we are. And we will never be ashamed or apologetic.

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This is who we are

Having being made out of the dust of the ground, a human being as any other creature – a biological entity. The creature existence, however, is insufficient to describe the human being, for man becomes the crowing act of creation and is distinguished as being different – God literally breathes life into man. Unlike the rest of creation, a human being has been created in a covenant relationship to God and has an exceptionally high and distinct value and destiny. The likeness of man to the Creator is in the form and function of personal unity. God designed the human personality to consist of self-consciousness and self-determination, with both freedom and the awareness to respond to God, to other human beings and to the environment. He also designed a destiny for man far higher and nobler than that of any creature. When God said, “Let Our likeness,” He had planned from the foundation of the world a glorious future for those who would choose the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.

From New Spirit-Filled Life Bible

God created us in His likeness. From the beginning, He has planned for every man to have a great future and a destiny. That includes you. You, yes you, have a future, a destiny and a purpose.