One day more.

Heart beaming with joy and excitement tonight, thinking about how it will be like tomorrow. The lights, the effects, the sound, the smell, the EVERYTHING… So surreal… Can’t believe that tomorrow is THE day we are moving into our New Home.

I still remember the times we prayed fervently for the approval; the times we stood united as one in our prayer; the look on each of our faces after we prayed together for the approval. Tomorrow is the day. WE’RE MOVING IN.

The past 1 month I saw how hard Pastors and the team worked. At the core of every decision Pastors made was people, was you and I. We’re constantly on their minds. During meetings, they will be thinking about things like arrangement for us if it rains and positioning of the chairs so everyone gets a good view. It was unnecessary but to Pastors it was imperative.  Even late in the night I will still see them having meetings, tying down the nitty-gritty, from the height of our television, our signages, the phrasing of our slides and the list goes on… All the things we see tomorrow are thought through by Pastors.

As we step in tomorrow, more than just being amazed and in awed, remember the team that had worked hard for this 🙂

See you tomorrow!!



One day more.

One thought on “One day more.

  1. Reblogged this on Faith / Hope / Love and commented:
    Every word, so so true.
    Just saw how every single team worked from day to night to day to night just to make sure we get the best experience, the best place to call home. Pastors would look through every single thing, even to small elements in the videos being played just for you and I. To pastors, everything they did wasn’t extra work, but to them it was normal and necessary.. Just for us.

    Tomorrow, going to go into New Home with a thankful heart. 🙂


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